1. Espacio de co-working en Castel Veciana Arquitectura. Eso es la luz de productividad y ideas.
    Co-working space in Castel Veciana Architecture. That’s the light of productivity and ideas.
    — en Espacio 88”.

  2. Fresh from the printer, flyer for www.Espacio88.com

  3. Such a cool book for the Eight Annual Festival of Illustrated Books. Infinite possibilities…

  4. It’s a wrap! The Folio Club’s online book shop is live!

    Check out the store at www.thefolioclub.com/category/shop

  5. Last night’s insane #sunset storm over the #Barcelona #rooftops.

  6. Chipotle caramelized onion and chorizo over arepa topped with sunny and roasted red pepper.

  7. Part 1 of interiors photography for www.espacio88.com 

  8. Incredible fried green tomatoes and my favorite backdrop at @picnicbcn. // Tomates verdes fritos increíbles y mi fondo favorito. Great, great brunch.

  9. Pretty excited to have been mentioned in today’s La Vanguardia, the largest newspaper in Barcelona. If you look closely, you can see my photography exhibition of the North Carolina Museum of Art in the background, as well. 

    The article is about the rejuvenation of a neighborhood in Barcelona, Poblenou, where I have been working this year on various projects. It’s an old industrial district where designers, architects, entrepreneurs of all sorts really, have taken up huge old warehouses and converted them into impressive workspaces. I’ve been blessed to have been given the opportunity to help startup a coffee truck, SKYE Coffee co., working as a barista and helping with the marketing. The space that it is in is one of those warehouses housing an architecture firm, www.castelveciana.com, and an event space, Espacio 88”, used for film productions, photo shoots, showrooms, dinners—you name it—for which I am also beginning to work with on their brand, marketing, and events. From the Forms + Colors photo end, I am currently shooting interior photography of the space and offices for their website, as well as for a couple of local businesses from the neighborhood, Onna Café and The Folio Club. And to put the icing on the cake, I’m working with some really quality people. 

    Needless to say, this is a crazy exciting time for me, I’m up to my eyeballs in projects, and I’m loving every minute of it. Things are finally coming together after spending the first year and a half fighting to survive Barcelona and, man, am I ever grateful. So for those of you who have wondered where I have disappeared to (other than the other side of the Atlantic), there’s a large part of the answer.

  10. From the inside patio at the entrance to the CCCB. Great contrast of old and new and how you can see the whole skyline is amazing.